You must have a diving insurance for dive with us , because, even though scuba diving isconsidered a safe activity, in the unfortunate event of a diving accident, insurance payouts can runinto hundreds of thousands of US dollars. Medical treatment in some destinations, and specificallydiving related medical treatment, or medical evacuation, can be very expensive. An uninsuredperson will need to pay out of pocket, sometimes upfront, and that could be a problem for themost of us.

You can get travel insurance also.

While your diving accident policy will pay the diving related medical costs , you may incur manyother expenses or lose some or all of your trip investment through scenarios such as non-divingmedical situations, cancellation and interruption due to many reasons like inclement weather,personal or family issues, airlines delay and many other reasons. A travel insurance policy willprotect you against such unforeseen scenarios.

We are partner of this insurance company clik under here to get a quote

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