Flying Junior

Boat Flying Junior - Sailing Maldives


L.O.A. 4,04 m
Beam 1,60 m
Boat Weight 73 kg
Sail Area 9,30  sq m

A particularly  technical boat with a glorious sailing class  behind it  which is presently detracting more and more sailing crews to this  recent class of sailboat . Light weight, fast and particularly agile are the main characteristics which render the FJ, once experienced, difficult not to own. Love at first site.A Rounded hull, pivoting centreboard, a cockpit mounted main sail sheet traveller and jib sheets run through barber haulers are all contributing factors which provide racing sail trim. Adding the Spinnaker gear and added sail area, sailing performance is improved. Trapeze gear and harness fitted for the bow crew person increase the righting moment for those exciting wave planing windy days.

Tridente 14''

Boat Tridente 14'' - Sailing Maldives


L.O.A. 4,30 m
L.W.L. 4,20 m
Beam 4,20 m
Weight 1,70 m
Sail Area 13  sq m

4.30 metres of pure enjoyment! A very stable hull whether sailing or just anchored at the beach. The cockpit is very spacious and ergonomically conceived, it's seating along the inside edge of the boat runs all the way to the stern, an ample water tight bow peak locker, in line with C.N.A. philosophy, a higher boom, efficient and versatile sail plan thanks to the full batten square top geometry of the main sail, appropriately designed, together the calling card for this recently developed C.N.A. centreboard dinghy by the notorious naval architect Paolo Cori.The Tridente 14 is an evolution of the abundantly diffused Tridente 16. It differentiates itself by being lighter, more stable and easy to sail. It can also be easily sailed and managed on land by one person. It’s simplicity and ease of handling associated with optimal performance under sail makes it the just compromise whether you are a novice or a more seasoned sailor. The boat is constructed entirely in laminated fibreglass in female plugs (moulds) delivering a guarantee of structural integrity for long term life expectancy. Superior structural integrity and stability while sailing or just bobbing about at the beach makes the Tridente 14 the choice for sailing schools or family sailing when compared with most other boats of this type. The boat may be sailed, rowed and with a small outboard, motored about.Options available include roller furling, trapeze wires and harness, spinnaker, gennaker, rowing kit and boat cover.

Phantom Club

Boat  Phantom Club - Sailing Maldives


L.O.A. 4,04 m
Beam 1,60 m
Displacement 140 kg
Sail Area 16 sq m
Gennaker 12  sq m
Mast (Spar) height 9 m

This cat is equally at home as a sailing school, resort and family boat all in one. Perfect for the whole Family That puts safety and ease of handling above all else without sacrificing a good level of performance under sail.The twin hulls are made from layered fiberglass and special fibers sandwiched for increased At structural strength.The aluminum mast is completely water tight Allowing the boat to be easily righted from a capsize, albeit overall the Phantom series are Particularly stable catamarans. A winged profile two piece mast is available upon request Which Allows you to transport it on the car roof top without compromising overall safety. All metallic components are anodized for durability and long term usage. High Quality sailing hardware and fittings are mounted; ball bearing blocks and mainsail traveler car are Utilized.Automatic rudders and centreboards (with the exception for the Phantom Club Class) are standard items and Provide the sailor with added pleasure When sailing These robust multi hulls. Launching is fast and simple, the cross bars can be fitted in a few seconds and inserted into the appropriate hull lodging without the need for special tools. The mast / spar, thanks to its Particular swivel foot design That adheres perfectly to the ball and socket joint, can be easily mounted or taken down by two people. All other mounting procedures are extremely easy and rapid so as to get quickly down to sailing; That marvelous sensation of gliding on the water with your Phantom.

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